What parents are saying...


In the many years that Victoria Hill School of Ballet has been open, we have seen a huge number of satisfied parents and students pass through – here are just a few testimonials from them:

My daughter is 11 years old and has been going to Victoria Hill School of Ballet since she was 7. She’s working towards her Grade 6, and Intermediate Foundation and thanks to the confidence she’s gained at the school, she recently auditioned successfully for a place with the English Youth Ballet and had a wonderful experience. She’s also had the opportunity to take part in choreography competitions within the school, and various showcases in Oxford and Bicester. We chose Victoria Hill School of Ballet specifically because the school follows the RAD syllabus, most local schools follow the ISTD syllabus.  Since being part of this school, my daughter’s love for the Performing Arts has grown and she now is expanding her repertoire with further training in other forms of dance, acting and singing, culminating recently in winning a scholarship for her secondary education.  I consider that the excellence of teaching from Victoria Hill and Miss Nicola (who also deserves a special mention for her amazing energy levels and ambition for her students), combined with their recognition to push those students who wish to be pushed, and support so each student is able to make the best of their abilities, has been pivotal to Holly’s increasing belief in herself. A wonderful school and one that I’m sure Holly will remember for ever. Allison Ford-Langstaff


Chloe is 18 now and has been part of Victoria Hill’s School of Ballet since she was six. I have never had to encourage her to keep it up as she has always been motivated herself. Mrs Hill manages to strike a balance between maintaining the strictness and rigour of the discipline, with an open acceptance of her students’ differences; she expects high standards, and Chloe has always wanted to work towards exams. Perhaps more importantly, Chloe has had the joy of performing shows throughout her childhood with Victoria Hill’s school. I feel that Chloe has been blessed with a real gift of being part of a caring and nurturing community of fellow students and teachers in Mrs Hill’s School. – Parent


My daughter has been part of Victoria Hill’s ballet school since she was three years old. She’s now 11 and currently taking grade 6, intermediate foundation and choreography classes. I’ve always found the ballet school highly professional with an objective to achieve the highest standards possible. My daughter enjoys all her classes and the variety they bring including having different ballet teachers. Ballet has also taught her discipline which she carries through into the rest of her life as well as confidence from doing amazing shows. – Emma Gould


I can not praise Victoria Hill School of Ballet enough. My daughter Annabelle joined when she was 9 and is now 16 and about to start full time vocational ballet training. As a ballet school that operates from local village halls, you might think of it purely as a place of fun but Victoria Hill School of Ballet is one of very few ballet schools locally that offer the opportunity to take RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) exam qualifications. All of the teaching staff are friendly and encouraging whilst maintaining extremely high technical standards which is rewarded in the excellent RAD exam pass rate. As well as having the opportunity to take exams, Annabelle has loved being able to perform in shows and prize giving events. – Parent


My daughter is now 7 and has been attending the Victoria Hill School of Ballet for 4 years. The quality of the teaching is excellent and she has developed a lovely sense of rhythm and balance. She stands beautifully straight and tall and I am convinced that this is in part due to her ballet lessons. Her flexibility is growing, as is her confidence in performing in front of other people. Vicky is a great teacher, engendering a lovely balance of respect and enthusiasm in her students. – Caroline