Creative dance

Creative dance provides students with an inspiring and imaginative class. Telling a story through dance and expressing themselves through music, movement and improvisation, students will enjoy the fun and energetic dynamics of this lesson.

Contemporary dance develops student’s movement skills and vocabulary while stretching physicality and creativity. Fun and informative, this class also provides additional technique support for those taking GCSE or A Level Dance courses.

Classes are levelled according to skill set and pace of the class. Level 1 (recommended ages: 7 – 10) and Level 2 (ages: 11 – 13) provide the perfect introduction to contemporary dance technique, movement, and self-expression. The class explores various contemporary styles to build up basic body awareness and engagement. Creative tasks and exercises are developed to create choreographed routines.

Level 3 (ages: 14 – 15) and Level 4 (15+) further develop student’s movement skills and vocabulary within the contemporary genre, stretching them physically and creatively, with Level 4 being very fast paced for the most advanced students. Students also develop their own choreographic work.

Ellie runs classes at Langford Village Primary School OX26 6SX on Fridays, alongside the ballet classes run by Mrs Hill in the Community Centre

4:30pm – Primary & Grade 1 free dance

5:00pm – Ballet grade 2-3, level 1 contemporary

5:30pm – Ballet grade 4-5, level 2 contemporary

6:00pm – Ballet grade 8, level 3 seniors

6:45pm – Adult ballet