School Policy

Registration Forms

It is imperative that registration forms be completed online or handed into the teacher by your child’s second class. It is vital that we have your contact details in case of emergency and that we are made aware of any existing medical conditions or special needs your child might have. We will do our utmost to ensure privacy is maintained. We trust that you will keep us up to date with any changes to this information.


Fees are invoiced at the beginning of ever half term and are to be paid in full in the first week of term. Payment is non-refundable regardless of attendance. Payment by bank transfer is preferable; however cash and cheques are also accepted. If your child would like to leave ballet please note that a full term’s notice is required or a term’s fees in lieu.

 Viewing the Classes

It is accepted practice for parents to wait outside and not watch the classes. This promotes independence and prevents distraction. However if your child is very young she/he may need you to watch the first class.


We are always trying to improve our school and to ensure that your child has the best learning experience. If you have any questions or feedback please contact Victoria Hill.


If your child is absent due to illness or other commitments please contact us . If the teacher is absent, the class will be covered by another teacher in our team. Very occasionally, the class is cancelled due to adverse weather, in these circumstances we will do our best to give you as much notice as possible. Classes will not be refunded in this instance.

Safe Practice and Injury

We always strive to uphold safe dance practice. Please note:
Due to the physical nature of dance our teachers may need to physically correct your child to ensure correct and safe movement execution.

Prompt arrival is vital as participating in the warm up greatly reduces the likelihood of injury. If your child has missed the warm up we reserve the right to ask them to watch the class.

Though we do all that we can to prevent injury, it can sometimes happen. At our discretion we will administer basic first aid (ice, elevation, plaster) and in more serious circumstances you will be contacted immediately. We are not liable for any injuries incurred during class.

Child Protection

The safety and protection of your child is always a priority. All our teachers have enhanced criminal background checks. However please note:

  • We are not liable for children outside of lesson times. Please ensure that your child is supervised before the class starts and promptly collected.
  • To ensure child protection we are unable to help children go to the toilet. Please ensure your child has been to the toilet before class.
  • During school performances photographs or videos may be taken of your child and used on the school website. If you wish to opt out of this please contact us.